Specialty Services

Have you noticed how it seems like anyone can do carpet tile or Luxury Vinyl Tile these days? You decide to put out a bid for one of these and you could get an installed price from every flooring store around, and maybe even your cabinet or window guy?

What about the materials that need to have a professional install them? Welded sheet-vinyl or patterned broadloom carpet? Or, what happens when the subfloor isn’t ready for installation because of moisture issues? What happens when the concrete more closely resembles the Beartooth Mountains than it does a smooth surface?

Fischer Flooring doesn’t shy away from the difficult projects or products. In fact, we take pride in being an organization that understands what happens when above-standard products meet a sub-standard surface.

As a result, we can:

  • Remove troublesome adhesives from your substrates so your new products will stick around.
  • Keep moisture at bay so your new floors stay dry underneath.
  • Level all types of floors; wood, concrete, and gypsum based. This creates a “like new” environment for your new flooring in your old building.
  • Install all-types of specialty flooring and tile.
  • Sheet vinyl that gets welded and coved? Yep.
  • Large format tile panels? They are a pain, but yes, we do those.
  • Sports flooring that need court lines painted on them? We’re game.
  • Fitness floors that can handle extreme impact from weights being dropped? We’ll spot you on that for sure.

The point is when your favorite big box store turns you down to install flooring in your surgical suite, give us a call. We absolutely thrive in difficult situations with professional solutions that some people call “specialty”. To us these products and methods are all in a day’s work.