A&D Consultation
How many hours do Architects and Designers spend with a client before specifications are generated for a project? How does it feel when those hours and hours of generating specifications, doing drawings, writing schedules, and presenting to clients get tossed away as soon as the flooring bid comes in? WE are not architects or designers, but we are happy to help ensure that your intentions are our prime focus when assembling a bid package.

Fischer Flooring consults with licensed interior designers and architects to provide them with specialized flooring knowledge to complement the expertise they bring to their projects. We can help choose products, gather performance data, and help establish real budgets.

We advise on issues related to the entire project from a flooring perspective, providing solutions for all flooring types. These include; resilient sheet and tile, carpet and carpet tile, hard surfaces, wall and floor tile, shower systems, entry systems, floor preparation, moisture related issues, as well as professional installation requirements and methods for all of these.

Design firms can think of us as the eyes and ears on their projects, as well as quality control. When we are involved from the onset, we protect the designer’s intent in the field.

Our knowledge of, and our relationships with, different manufacturers work in combination with our field experience. These provide the design firm with added confidence that flooring issues are being addressed early-on in the process. Providing flooring solutions daily and purchasing millions of dollars annually, Fischer Flooring personnel are constantly being trained in new products, technologies, and installation methods.

The point is you don’t have to learn everything about our work to look like an expert in yours