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Professional design firms trust us to be their eyes and ears on the job.

Consider the amount of time architects and designers spend with their client before defining a project’s specifications. It can be frustrating when all the work—drafting specifications, creating drawings, writing schedules, and client presentations—is disregarded because of a flooring bid. Although we’re not architects or designers, we prioritize your goals when preparing bids.

Fischer Flooring collaborates with professionals to offer specialized flooring knowledge, enhancing their projects. We assist in selecting products, providing performance data, and setting realistic budgets, covering all flooring needs from selection to installation, including moisture issues and professional requirements.

Consider us as your project’s quality control, safeguarding the designer’s vision from the start. 

Our expertise and industry connections ensure flooring concerns are addressed early, giving design firms confidence. Our ongoing training in new products and techniques ensures we offer the best flooring options available for your project.

The point is you don’t have to learn everything about our work to be the expert in yours.

For outstanding results on your flooring project, contact Fischer Flooring today!