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Commercial sports flooring offers a dynamic and resilient solution for various indoor sporting facilities.

Engineered with cutting-edge materials and construction, this type of flooring ensures optimal performance and safety for athletes and participants. Sports Flooring’s advanced fabrication actively absorbs impact, reducing the risk of injuries during intense physical activities. It’s a durable surface that withstands the rigors of sports like basketball, volleyball, and indoor soccer, making it an ideal choice for sports complexes, fitness centers, and school gymnasiums.

The innovative construction of commercial sports flooring promotes enhanced traction, enabling athletes to make quick movements with confidence. This non-slip surface contributes to better game control and reduces the likelihood of slips and falls. The flooring’s adaptable design caters to a range of sporting activities, accommodating activities that involve heavy equipment, rapid footwork, and dynamic ball play. Its noise-dampening qualities create a more focused and distraction-free environment, perfect for competitive sports and training sessions.

Several options for high performance and multi functional flooring are available.

  • Tarkett Omnisports is used in a wide range of applications from cafeterias to gymnasiums. Multiple wood grain colors as well as solid colors for key mapping on your court. A very competitively priced floor and has options for logos and gameline painting with ease. 
  • Mondo USA also serves as a very high end, tough and long lasting floor which can be used in interior and exterior applications. Running tracks and weight rooms are good areas for this product. It too has multiple colors and thicknesses to accommodate most budgets.  

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