Warranties are nice. As consumers we all hope that when we purchase products and services, they will be of such high-quality that we have a warranty just in case something goes wrong. Not as a reason to purchase them. Wouldn’t we all agree that it is even better to not have to worry about exercising a warranty in the first place? Who wants to deal with that?

Fischer Flooring’s installation teams have the skills and resources to complete any project in a timely and professional manner, delivering the highest quality installation service.

Our installation teams trained by manufacturers in our warehouse, and on jobsites. Arranging access to manufacturer representatives during training sets our in-house installation teams apart from other installation firms. We view these resources, and the time spent, as investments in our client’s satisfaction. It is for this reason that our qualified installers are trained to tackle projects of any scale, a variety of scopes, and to complete the work in the most professional manner possible, following manufacturer guidelines.

If a client of ours needs to file a warranty against a manufacturer, they can do so with the assurance that their materials were installed professional and correctly. We never want a warranty to have to be filed, but we support our clients by ensuring they have a properly installed project.